Recovering from Life - Debra McKenna Great, now I'm back at that "THERE'S NO MORE ICOS LEFT!!" point. Not a good place to be.

Of course, I love everything about this, how can't you, when you're a ridiculous and not to mention desperate ICOS-fangirl? I think I can say with quite a lot of confidence that no matter what I pick up by either Hassell or Ais, I will always like the characters (I mean seriously, I even have a soft spot for Vivienne). I love both Gordon and Adam, and I like that the story line has been reworked somewhat. As I was reading, I couldn't help thinking "wasn't Gordon's persona a bit different in Fade...?" but I'm very happy with how he's portrayed in AM. And you have to love conflicting-emotions-Adam. When mentions of our beloved original cast appear I'm all "nonononono don't go yet!!", but at the same time resigned, because this very obviously isn't their story.