The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles I'm impressed! Gah! This is the kind of book I look for in the M/M genre. A book with an actual story that is not just a sad excuse for getting two people together in order to write repetitive (more or less) steamy scenes about them. And NO FLUFF! AAAH! HEAVEN!

I loved the mystery part here; in a way, it's like a crime story, but not quite, since the main protagonist is the constant victim-to-be. The magic, of course, being pretty original, helps this along in making it impossible to figure out what's going on.

In addition, the book is funny and both main characters are likable and well carried out. There's even a nerdy type, which is my favorite kind of character: the one that's not very impressive physically, but who has other skills to make up for it. The side characters aren't bad either, and the setting, the time frame - everything really - works out nicely.

I'm very much looking forward to reading more from this author!