Bronze Gods - A.A. Aguirre This was not worth my time, my money, my anything. 1,5 stars, brutally rounded down.

It's not a terrible book, by no means, it's OK-written, but it's just through and through boring, lacking more or less everything I look for in a book. There's a murder story (why do I keep reading those?), there are two investigators who are colleagues but who supposedly develop some chemistry after working together for a couple of years, and there's an odd world.

The odd world is the only thing I approve of. The society described is quite complex and could be a great setting for fascinating stories, but nothing about this story is fascinating. The characters are boring, the murder mystery is overly dramatic and boring, the side characters are interesting for 5 minutes, then they also turn into a yawnfest. The chemistry between the two MC's? Absolutely nonexistant. It felt forced all the way, and I forced myself to read every chapter and almost every page just to finish the damned thing. All their little breaks in the investigation, the ültra-clichéd undervalued female inspector in a man's world, their investigation altogether (the ridiculous interviews with people), the weird skill of M-what's-his-name that seemed more like a handicap than anything else, the 'let's hold a 2 minute snappy conversation while we fight for our lives and the villain just waits for us to finish' and well... nothing steamy to make up for ANY of it!

If this is a series I'm sure as hell not continuing it.

EDIT: HOW CAN THIS BOOK HAVE SO MANY 4 AND 5 STAR RATINGS? Sorry for the caps, I'm just... I... no words! I have no words! And where is the goddamned sexual tension people are talking about? Humanity, I will never understand you.