Den döda älskarinnan - Théophile Gautier Meh. This was not very good. Perhaps it's better in French, but I doubt it, and I would have read it in French if I hadn't found the Swedish edition for next to nothing at the yearly book sale. Certain annoying expressions in the translation seem to be expressions of the type that can only be translated in one way, like how the skin of a woman is compared to that of a snake in its coldness - twice. Another such very striking comparison was also repeated, and that just felt lazy. Not on behalf of the translator, but of the author.

So... typically gothic, with all the by now highly cliché elements, only... without any creativity. The first short story was kind of OK, but the rest were pretty lame. I also got the impression the main character was the same guy in all the stories, they were so one-dimensional.