Shades of Grey: A Novel - Jasper Fforde 3,5 stars.
The idea for this book is great. It's the first dystopic novel I've read where the "before" isn't actually our world, but something else freaky and weird. And the actual world where the story takes place is... quite innovative. Unfortunately, this book didn't really "grab" me and I did have to make myself finish it. It wasn't difficult to finish though (and it wasn't obvious how it would end either), but... it didn't finish itself.

Huge amounts of plusses for the style (funny, rapid, intelligent), for the moral weirdness that prevailed seemingly naturally, for the barely commented upon brutality (losing an ear during a game of football or whatever just happens, no big deal, we'll get that stitched back on), the way pain does not seem to register as we know it, the ridiculous hierarchy based on your color perception, the entire color thing, the idea of how easy it actually is to get people to conform... The list could go on.

Despite the mere 3.5 stars, I need to stress that the story is awesome. It should be read.