Записки из подполья - Fyodor Dostoyevsky Not that bad. You obviously can't help but hate the miserable protagonist, but I don't think you're supposed to like him. I did really like the part where he wrote about how he went every Monday or Tuesday to what's-his-name because he felt some need to be around people, but being around people always put that notion out of his head and he could go back home again.

Apart from that, he was somewhat too fanatic in his "it's everyone else's fault" and "they must pay". I'm guessing there's a deep and profound point here, but I can't really see it without reading the thing once again.

I've kind of had it with pathetic literary Russian anti-heroes, but at least this was very easy to read. I've never really liked anything I've read by Dostoyevsky, but he gets extra points for being easy to read and for being able to actually write and not use Russian in such a way that he turns it into an instrument of torture.