Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells (Love is Always Write) - K.D. Sarge I actually want to give this book four stars because it was so adorable, very enjoyable to read and it saved my night, but at the same time, I do have some principles, and the last 20% robbed it of the possibility of a fourth star. Due to the lack of an epilogue I am almost giving the fourth star back. Almost.

A couple of weeks ago I would not have thought that a book about a boy in make-up would be something I'd be interested in reading. I was so wrong. I want more books with sparkly boys in them! Alan was adorable and brilliant at the same time. To be honest, I did have some minor issues with him in the beginning, not because of his character really, but because some of his actions seemed very much like something someone wrote without thinking "would an actual person act this way ever?". I got over that pretty quickly though, and adored him. He's funny, he's troubled (but not in an annoying way), and bird tricks work on him.

What really surprised me is that I liked Lucas just as much. The author has managed to create a likeable superman who's annoyingly self-disciplined and responsible, but at the same time funny. Yes, he does go a bit over the top, but you just have to go with it when that occurs. I LOVED how he became Batman.

I need more stuff from this author, but I'm afraid there'll be too much HEA, babies and crap to possibly ruin other books as well.