Faefever - Karen Marie Moning Well, look at that! 3,5 stars.

I'm very happy to be able to state that Mac *does* actually continue her transformation and the pink part is gradually shut down. Yay! I marked all the quotes related to such things, and I think I stopped at 14. Improvement. Just a couple of examples:

"I used to fill my days with sunning and shopping [...]"
"It's me. Pretty in pink and gold."
"I'm wearing a killer pink dress with my favourite heels, and I'm accessorized to the hilt, in gold and rose amethyst." (That sounds horrible!! You shouldn't be allowed to dress yourself!)
"On my hands and knees in a puddle that smells of beer and urine [...]" YAY! (had to include that one)
"It embodies all the things I always wanted to be myself: smart, classy, polished, tasteful." (May I add, 'Looking like a transvestite'?)
"Until a few months ago I was so spoiled and lazy that if the thought of fending for myself had occurred to me, I would have promptly thrust it away in favor of beautifying myself[...]" (That's not months ago. That was last week.)

On a little side note, I also very much liked Lie Detector Guy's uncles who are not linguists but "historians" and who can translate any language. I'm hoping we're going to get further insight into the depths of their magic soon, because otherwise I'm going to have to assume Moning doesn't know what other languages are. (I.e. not only alphabets.)

I get the impression from reading some reviews of Darkfever and Bloodfever that people think Barrons is a douchebag and that he's mean to Mac. I just want to point out that he HAS to be a douchebag and it's awesome that he's mean to Mac. If there's something that does not make sense in paranormal books is the very powerful (and often 300 years old) guy treating the 20-something naive heroine like she actually matters. How could she possibly matter? Barrons is actually being a nice guy compared to how he could behave (and which we get a taste of in Faefever, and gah, loved that scene, and the cake scene in this book, awesome). If he wanted, he could just make Mac do what he wants. The amount of consideration that goes into actually ASKING her to do stuff instead is amazing. So no, he's not a mean douchebag, he's quite adorable really. The only thing that's objectionable here is how he should really be intelligent enough to realize he should try to tie Mac more to himself to pull her away from V'lane. And really, by now, he should know how to do that. He has been around for a while.

Secondly, V'lane seriously picks up in this book. In the previous two, he was just plopped into the story here and there as a disruptive element, causing Mac to claw at her clothes and Barrons to grit his teeth. Here, finally, the guy gets some serious space and turns out to be a fun character. Again, unapologetic villain/good guy/whoknows? with lots and lots of power who knows it and does not care to pretend otherwise.

In all my reviews of this series so far I've been rather critical of... everything. There is a praiseworthy think to mention though. Well, one praiseworthy thing has already been mentioned: Barrons' and V'lane's treating Mac as what she is for large parts of the series: a tool. Also, it's awesome that you don't really know who is the good guy here. Is Barrons a good guy or is he just after the money? Is V'lane even considering the fate of the humans or does he just pretend?

And Moning has some awesome scenes. In the last book, the punching scene was just golden. In Faefever I was applauding when Barrons and Mac drive the motorcycle and run into V'lane, and Barrons gets furious with Mac for betraying him and pulls up so quickly that she's thrown off the bike and ends up on the ground - and no one cares! :D No one helps her get up or whatever :D