Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning (This gets 3 stars just because I actually read it in one sitting. Big parts of it deserve 2 stars though.)

I kind of hated book 1, but I knew that I would, some day, end up reading book 2. So, on a slightly hungover day, I decided it was about time. For once, the very annoying let's retell the entire story in every new book in case the readers are retarded and can't keep track of it by themselves actually helped me, cause I couldn't keep track of it by myself. If I had read book 1 more recently, I would have been extremely annoyed at this recap thing, so I will still complain about it. Even though it helped me.

Ok. So. Mac is still a protagonist from hell, and reading an entire book in her 1st person narrative is painful. If I have to hear more about pink stuff and nailpolish (which I personally love, but seriously, there's a time and place for everything) in book three (yeah, I'm gonna read that too) and how she does not want to wear the sexy stuff Barrons buys for her because it hasn't got frills and is not peach coloured or whatever I may have to kill someone. There is hope though. At approximately 80% of this book, Mac actually starts developing into something slightly interesting. Or, considering how horrible she has been up until then, she becomes merely bearable. It's a shame that a man that hardly gets any space in the book is what carries the entire series, but perhaps that's a strategic thing. The author understands that everyone (=me) just wants Mac dead but needs to read more about the enigmatic Barrons, so they trudge along, hoping, hoping, that soon he'll come more into focus, and she throws them a bone every 50 or so pages. Meanwhile, we're stuck with Mac. She's supposedly 22, but acts like she's 14, and she's oh-so-pretty and loves to point it out. To herself. I don't get it. Why has Moning created such an obnoxious main character? It seems like Moning knows Mac is a detestable brat, Mac herself seems to realize it (I squealed with joy when Mac said that she was pathetic with a big P), Barrons throws out some comments regarding how she'll hopefully grow up one day, etc. Everyone agrees that she is a horrible person, but Barrons has a use for her and she's got those boobs so I see why he'd put up with her. But why not create a kick-ass character instead?

As a matter of fact, I can't really make up my mind regarding whether I like the actual story or not. I'm not sure I care what happens, and I don't understand why I want to read book 3. The story line in this book is less KILL-ME-NOW than Darkfever, but it's still... pretty repetitive. When will Mac ever realize that no, it's not a good idea to go out walking in the city alone? Why on earth does Barrons let her out of the house? How stupid do you have to be to start showing your (should-be) very secret notebook to a dude in a bar because you are "so drunk" that you can't think straight after having downed three shots and half a beer? Seriously. I hate lightweight girls in literature. (However, let's just all take a moment to thank the author for at least making Mac drink beer and do shots, and not ordering colourful - pink!!!!1 - drinks.)

Last thing. Where's the chemistry?

Oh! I completely forgot to mention how outrageously happy I got when Mac asks Barrons to punch her in the face and he refuses and she is barely able to phrase her request again before he does it. THAT is what got this book its third star!