Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Aaaand no. Yet again, I am reminded why I don't particularly like crime novels. Actually, the idea behind the murder plot is not all that bad; if carried out nicely, it could have made a compelling read. As it is, it is obvious who the murdered is from far too early on, making the "great surprise" at the end spectacularly lame. If there is something I very strongly dislike, it's silly murderers. This murderer is just silly and does not at all come across as creepy or frightening, nor am I particularly touched by the people he murders.

My main problem with this book is Zane and Ty. The crime intrigue feels like an excuse to be able to develop the relationship between the two agents, and that wouldn't have been that bad if this thing between them was actually awesome, but it isn't! I don't get the thing with Zane and Ty! The pacing is wrong throughout the entire book. Nothing makes sense in the way they act towards each other. Worse, the same thing keeps happening again and again. Meet-up in office - go to city - get hurt - split up - meet-up in office - go to city - get hurt... (and AVOID the hospital! eveeeeery time) Seriously?? There's far too much drama between them for people who've spent a week or so together, and Zane is being far too condescendingly understanding of how Ty must stop building up aggression or whatever. Actually, when it came to that scene where he wakes him up and starts a seriously weird "argument" I started skimming... The "what are you afraid of"-part made me stick imaginary fingers down my throat :(

This is actually a shame. The first part of the book wasn't bad. It wasn't a page-turner, but it seemed like this could turn into an exciting story. Possibly the authors were too preoccupied by their two heroes (without actually successfully creating credible characters) to take their own plot seriously. Another thing that bothered me was how the POV changed all the time. When I finally got used to it and wasn't constantly wondering whose damned head I was inside all the time the story turned uninteresting.