L'ombre du vent - Carlos Ruiz Zafón It took me two tries to get past page 50 in this, and when I did get to page 100, I decided to drop the stilted Norwegian translation and go for the French instead. Best idea ever. The Norwegian dialogue just felt awkward and all "people don't talk like that!!", whereas the French was just fine.

I like the story. How can you not like the story? It's a gloomy love story, of the best kind. It's one of those compromise-stories, like Wuthering Heights. That is, you have two couples, for one couple it goes straight to hell and the second, very similar couple, makes up for love lost etc. It's just the right amount of convoluted and has just the right amount of shocking revelations. Plus there's Fermin, who's just great. When he's right, he's right. Fermin and Carax, awesome characters. The female characters? Token female characters, without a life of their own, just existing in as much as they are the catalysts for the individual stories. But that's ok, I guess.

Also, I'm slightly bummed out about my first thought being that the man walking around burning the books was Julián himself, and then the author tricked you into believing he had been proven dead.