Bloodraven - P.L. Nunn This is really 3.5 stars.

After reading Waiting in the Throes I thought I would be hesitant to pick up anything featuring non-con elements anytime soon. So not the case. Turned out I just became more jaded. There are also some attenuating circumstances at play here; the characters aren't ordinary humans and Yhalen has some special tricks. So it's all good.

Bloodraven is an entertaining story. I like the quest part, the rather simple story line where the author does not try to add a thousand scheming princes that just fuck everything up. The typical middle age fantasy setting has a couple of original elements to it, but most of it is horribly cliché. I'm not sure I mind that it is though. But is anyone ever going to get past the elf/human/ogre trio? Ok, the trolls here are HUGE, but that's about the only new element!

I have a thing for "weak" characters that have some other type of power to make up for their weakness. This is why it bugs me that Yhalen remains so passive for great chunks of the book. I'd wish he were less obsessed with his forest morals and just used what he had instead. Other than that, I also wish there'd been more dialog between Bloodraven and Yhalen. Having finished the book, I have the impression they hardly ever spoke, and somehow I feel tricked. The sex scenes occasionally had me cringe, but I'm already over it.