For Certain Values of Family - Manna Francis Book 6 makes any other book look kind of bad, but every book can't be as dramatic as that one or the readers will all go numb and stop caring. So this is still very good.

One thing I haven't praised Manna Francis for so far is the distinct voices she creates for Warrick and Toreth. You don't have to read the "said X" part to even know who is speaking, it is obvious from their vocabulary and syntax, and that... is brilliant! You could write a socio-linguistic paper on literature on that! "The distinct speech patterns of the characters appearing in Manna Francis' Administration series".

And I know this is wrong, and I don't care, but I love how Toreth constantly wants to kill Warrick for this or that, and how he thinks seriously about how and where to do it, just in case he's actually going to finally kill him. Wouldn't that be the perfect ending for this series? Not that I want it to end, I want more books. Preferrably now. I could live in New London forever.