Lover Mine - J.R. Ward What a disappointment. Xhex is an interesting character. John is an interesting character. You'd think that they'd make a compelling book. But no, this story was kind of bland, with lots of lost potential, and I had problems finishing it. I was absolutely shocked when sign language learning was brought up. Does Ward seriously believe that deaf people spell out words to each other? That's what I thought when I was 8 years old, at 9 I already knew better. I really, really hope I am missing something in the story here, and that that's not the case, because it just makes me cringe. Sure, not everyone can be a linguist, but everyone can use Google. This is the kind of thing that removes TWO stars for me, but I'm being nice, and giving this book 2 instead of 1 anyway.

Main problem: overly dramatic. Tone it dooooown a bit. Less is more. Learn from Manna Francis. Please. Everyone. Learn from Manna Francis.

What I liked here was the comment about how Blay writes grammatically correct text messages. My new hero. That it sometimes seems like Lash has a sliver of a conscience somewhere in there is also a nice touch. I feel upset enough to not continue with the series, but that feels stupid when I have after all already read 8 books, and Blay is still left without a book of his own. Also wouldn't mind more on the Shadows or Lassiter. Or possibly Payne.