The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo For the story, I'd say 3 stars, but for the way it's written, 4. This is a book where the 1st person narrative works really, really well. It gives just the right sort of intimate memoir style, with hints of "this happened quite some time ago". It also makes for a much more slowly paced story. There are no overly dramatic events, no need to bite your fingernails as you read and no need for anguished concerns that someone will die (considering the time period, you could expect characters to easily die). It's a perfect book for a truly lazy day.

So, 2 impressive things about this book: 1) it's mostly just erotica, there is no fancy story behind it, just a story of two people, and it works wonderfully without you actually stopping to think that "this book is just about sex", because somehow, it still isn't (it's about things that run much deeper than that); and 2) all the events are perfectly portioned out at the right time, nothing feels rushed or highly improbable - this author has perfect timing! (that's rare!) The writing is very smooth, as is everything, really.

You should enjoy this book with some wine and grapes, preferably while someone massages your feet, because first and foremost, this is a very decadent book ^^