Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward It's amazing that Ward managed to create enticing stories time and time again, when the main idea is really quite simple. However, one thing really got to me in this book. The plot is fine, the book is really hard to put down and it never gets boring, but after 7 books I am starting to see that Ward has some difficulty creating varied characters. I like her male characters, but she tends to mess them all up by making them go all soft and insecure. And it's the same thing every time. This book is no exception. I hate what she does to Rehv (and I really hope she never does it to Xhex). The last 10 or so percent really took this book from 4 stars down to 3. Her female characters are, however, the really weak spot. They all just... merge into one single being for me. I can hardly remember who is who, I have no clear image of what they look like, and none of them interest me. Ehlena is no exception, but at least she has no self-confidence problems, and you have to be grateful for that.

Well, all of this still won't keep me from diving into the next book.