Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward As I started reading this book, I thought it would be the first in the series to actually bore me. For a fifth of the book, I was dreading having to read all of it. Then it all changed, and it became another example of brilliant escapism literature. Ward's series is definitely my favourite in the genre, but I think it's wise to space out the books a little. They are, after all, somewhat similar, and even though the plots get more and more complex, the "I've already read this"-feeling ruins what could be just perfect. The coarse language and manner of speaking is also brilliant within one book, but when you realize the limitation of the author's vocabulary and the re-using of the same expressions across books, it gets to the point of being annoying. Therefore, I'll wait a month or two before continuing. In this particular book, I was very glad there were multiple story lines. For the first time, the Lessers' perspective wasn't just a side-plot I skimmed through (even though their presence is always depressing) and the main plot was my least favourite. The Chosen are just so boring. John, Qhuinn and Blay saved the book though, and open up brilliant new possibilities for the series. Also - fun that Rhev and Xhex are finally stepping forward!