Strangers - Barbara Elsborg Minus one star for the epilogue (that I didn't read).

Well, if anything, this is a page-turner. The reason I started reading it was the main plot - two people decide to kill themselves by drowning and meet up in the ocean while doing it. I actually find that very funny, so I had to read the book. I like how you get to read the story of each of them leading up to the moment they decide to go down to the seaside, because they both have good stories. And actually, even though it only gets 2 stars, the book is not bad at all! The main characters are actually great, I like them both. They are both disturbed people, but they are funny and charming while being miserable. Even though this is a romantic story, Kate and Charlie are allowed to end up in not-so-sexy situations by the author, and I like that. One of my very few complaints is that the book contains a little bit too much sex (even though Elsborg is more inventive with it than many other authors) and that the page-turning drama is a bit over the top at times. You know some crap of unheard of proportions is up ahead, so you have to continue reading to get past it.