Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park The only reason I started reading this book was because it got excellent ratings from some people I follow. And obviously, I agree. However, I was shocked after just a couple of pages. The writing is *so* bad it is practically embarrassing. And with writing, I mean the dialogue. This author has obviously lost herself in the world of chatting, because all her dialogues are "witty" online conversations. People don't talk like that when they are actually talking, and most likely not to people they have just met! And EVERYONE in the book speaks that way, except for the curious Celeste. All the characters are wildly improbable people. Exaggerated, *weird*, supposedly funny people that have zero credibility. After reading 10%, I really wanted to give it up, but I forced myself to continue and eventually got used to it. The conversation type got handy when actual text chat conversations appeared, because those were actually well written. The only thing this book had going for it up until half of the book was the mystery surrounding Celeste. The rest was just crap.

I often complain that authors ruin what could have turned into a good book at approximately 50%. This book did the opposite of that. It turned awesome. I got over the witty conversations, they stopped bothering me, and the book got funny, touching, clever and adorable. I was feeling quite aggressive about the book and the heroine, and then I fell in love with it and with her.

Kudos to the heroine who is actually confident and does not, in any way, complain about herself. Ever. Throughout the entire book. This is practically unheard of. And - who is actually a nice person, except for complaining about Matt's shirts. I love nerdy t-shirts!

Oh, and the font nerd thing - I liked that. I could relate to that. Pity the heroine did not get to be as nerdy as she was made out to be in the very beginning - a nerd with social skills and an aptitude to cover up her nerdiness. She covered it up so well she lost the nerdy touch altogether.

Simply put - a great story. I can't elaborate more on the parts I liked without giving the whole thing away, but that being said, there are many more things to praise. Also, the title feels less stupid once you get the reference.