Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman This was great.

In "Eon", I started to get somewhat annoyed with Eona. She's always hesitating, always missing opportunities because she can't focus, and she's painstakingly slow sometimes. Over and over again she withholds information, and it always blows up in her face. One would think she'd learn, especially when everyone keeps pointing out to her how deceitful she is. Once or twice - fine, but she never seems to learn. Towards the end of the book, I started to like her again, and for that I'm very glad. At the same time as her relative worthlessness (having tons of power but being absolute crap at controlling it) makes the book somehow more realistic (not just a simplistic wonderchild becomes superwoman and saves everyone kind of story), it did take some of the joy of reading the book away. But - she grew on me, and towards the end, I was totally on her side, resenting many of the other characters who all of a sudden demanded that she follow her heart instead of acting for the benefit of the empire. Exactly her following her heart and not doing things because "it didn't feel right" annoyed me immensely while she was doing it, so when she accepted the occassional immoral acts that come with great power, I was pleased.

In "Eon", I was intrigued by Kygo. However, I never really felt that he grew as a character. He remained an empty shell of an emperor, and I couldn't understand Eona's attraction to him in the second book. Ido, on the other hand... I was rooting for him all along. That's quite awesome for an author of this kind of book - to turn the main villain into someone you can actually like and find compelling. Not that I'm saying he turns good or anything.

Possibly the one thing that I enjoyed the most about these books was the fact that you can't always tell who's good and who's bad. Sure, there is most definitely a bad guy that it is quite impossible to like, but the other characters aren't exactly angels.