Baise-Moi - Virginie Despentes Not as brilliant as some other of Despente's works, but interesting, as always. Despentes can't really fail a book, she's too clever and too good a writer. I never have so hard a time reading French as with a Despentes book, mostly because of the difficult dialogue. No one I know speaks French like that. Still, I always enjoy her crude language, her brutal insights and how far away from the norm her protagonists are. Manu and Nadine are very interesting characters. Manu has been raped, and therefore some would probably use that as an excuse for the killing spree she goes on, but I think that's not the point. Manu hardly even reacts to being raped, it doesn't seem to affect her much, and when she meets Nadine, the point is that they don't go on about how rough their lives are. They just say screw everything and leave all morals behind, without wondering about motivation. Nadine is the scary one of the two. Whereas Manu is just crazy in all ways possible, and seems to lack any sort of filter for what you should say/do and not say/do, Nadine is scarily psychopathic, and seemingly fine with it.