Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman I was somewhat surprised by how quickly I was drawn into this book - the story just got me straight away. I really like the japanese-ish world (they even have Women's script!), the exotic yet somewhat familiar customs, how they have Dragoneyes to protect the people against tsunamis, etc. It's a great setting for a story! In the beginning of Eon I had no problem at all with Eon(a) herself, but as the book came to its end I did find myself getting increasingly annoyed with her. There's just always so much hesitation, so many spilt opportunities. The author has, however, done a brilliant job of creating a character that is neither male nor female. A lot of Eona's behaviour is perhaps more fitting for a typical male character (like smashing a room in a fit of rage...), and for the longest time, I couldn't help but view her as a boy. I like that most of the characters in the book are sexually ambiguous, just plain odd or eunuchs!

I'll write more in my review of book two, to avoid any spoilers for the first one.