Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire One word: DRAMA. I don't really understand why this book is so long. When I had read half of it, I was thinking it could really have stopped there. I don't really think that's an awfully good sign for a book. A good sign would be, "crap, I'm *already* halfway done".

This is an extremely typical kind of story, like a brownie recipee in the world of baking. The basics are the same as in dozens of other books. Nothing special, really, but the author makes it work with a ton of drama, which makes it highly entertaining. And how can I not appreciate a book in which, when anyone is upset, they go for the whiskey straight away (girls included)? No girls sipping on white wine while silent tears fall, and thank god for that. It's also somewhat refreshing that the sex scenes aren't 100% blown out of proportion, but more ordinary (and there's no over-dramatization, the rest of the plot stands for plenty enough drama). I also liked the insinuation in the title (what constitutes the disaster? has it already appeared or are we waiting for it?) and the hints about Abby's past. What I wasn't overly impressed with were the characters. They are funny, the dialogue is good (how can one not love stuff like "“Whatever. Like you’ve never seen a boy in a dress.” Finch shrugged. “True.”"), but somehow they lack something. I don't always understand their motivation, especially Abby's. She's too much of an emotional masochist to convince me, but it sure works - you have to continue reading.

And - are all of these people driving while intoxicated? They're frequently out drinking and I rarely got the impression there was a designated driver.