Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh Seriously? Book 3 was so good, and then... this? I've been waiting eagerly for the humans, expecting them to be awesome in some way or other, and what happens? I get Talin, the stereotype scared, self-obsessed, overly emotional and empathic wimp of a woman the romance genre adores? Why? I could hardly remember Clay from the previous books, but I like him good enough. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy, and I like that.

I have two major problems with this book. First and foremost, the way Talin relates to the issue with "her" kids disappearing and turning up butchered is completely off. She obviously feels about the case the way I feel about homework, "I shouuuuld be looking at this, but...". If a person you truly care about is missing, about to be murdered, I think your motivation would be somewhat greater. Honestly. Your annoying insecurities shouldn't be more important. It feels like Talin goes "oh, crap, right, forgot about Jon! oh poor, poor Jon..." whereupon we get half a page of moaning about how they can do nothing, and then she's back to lusting for Clay all the whie thinking that they should really be friends and anyway, he's probably just indulging her because he feels sorry for her, etc. etc. Secondly, their past. Again, the problem with authors who have to make a HUGE thing out of everything. Comparison: a person is afraid of dogs. Why? a) he/she got attacked as a child and never got past his/her fear, or b) his/her entire family was brutally slaughtered by mutant dogs who skinned them and ate the meat. For some reason, many authors seem to think that going for scenarios similar to b) is a better idea than keeping it simple and plausible. Why is utterly beyond me.

At 80% I was seriously considering not finishing the book at all. Already at 60%, I was bored. At 90%, I wanted to kill myself.