Looking for Alaska - John Green While reading this book, I wanted to quote half of it and was desperately trying to think of the most appropriate person to show the quotes to. Good sign for a book. Half the book had me giggling, chuckling and outright laughing, all the while wondering what the countdown every new chapter started with was all about. It's a brilliant idea, you are constantly reminded that something is going to happen, but is it something good? Something bad? (And then when you finally get it...) The writing is brilliant; so easy, so straightforward, so perfectly timed. The story, the setting, everything, feels utterly authentic, like if these things must have happened. The clumsy make-out scenes, the blatant honesty in the protagonist's reactions to them, it all brings you back (unless you're still there), making me think the author must have been there, at that school. This book impressed me greatly.