Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh (Before starting this review I just have to vomit mentally because of the cover and title.)

I may be going soft in my old age, but this actually gets four stars. For some reason, I keep reading Singh books, even though several things in them annoy me. For example, each book being very similar to the previous one in the romance department (whereas the general plot develops more and more). However, here I feel that Singh warmed herself up with the two first books, so that the otherwise semi lame psy meets changeling story actually got some edge to it. Judd is way more interesting as a psy than Sasha or Faith, who were kind of soft to begin with. Judd is actually an awesome character. Singh's bad guys are not, however. They are hardly characters at all, they are just arrogant, semi-stupid through and through evil people with a seemingly poor vocabulary. I would really prefer to see the bad guys get some more space and a chance to actually develop a bit. This is, however, a problem I have always had with the Fantasy genre: the evil side never seems to have any motivation for what they do. I never understand why they do what they do.

Ever since book one I have been wondering about the chapter division. Is it just done automatically at... say... every 20 pages? Or doesn't Singh know what chapters actually are? Half of them end in the middle of a conversation, and the following chapter just picks right up with the next line. Weird. I will continue reading these books though, since I have to find out what happens to Hawke, Sienna and Dorian. You just know that they are going to get their own books pretty soon.