Crow's Row - Julie Hockley This book was very entertaining, but I can't make myself give it anything more than two stars. I don't understand why so many authors have to go all out on their plots. Why not keep it simple? Why must the bad boy be a huge crime boss, why must there be intriguing and gang wars, family ties all over the place, when it would have been enough with just a simple story, focusing on the characters and on keeping it... I don't know... real? Because the plot is not very believable, and of course this ruins large parts of the book. There's only so much I can forgive for the sake of a cute story. It didn't bother me much for the first half of the book, then it all went downhill and I found myself sighing and putting my e-reader aside in frustration. Never a good sign. The Victor-part in the end almost made me not finish the book, it was so bad.

Some smaller things to comment on: Everyone in this book is SO sneaky! As soon as any of the characters are having a discussion, there's ALWAYS someone lurking behind a door. This gets old. And how many times does Emmy get nauseous? Her general weakness annoys me. I have yet to read a book in the romance genre that does not feature a 100 pound girl (eh, make that virgin) with zero muscle who needs constant rescuing and help. Just like real live girls, all they ever do for exercise is run -_-