Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville This was incredibly entertaining. Some time ago, I wondered why I had never read anything with same sex couples in it, like that's so exotic in today's world that you have to go into a sub-genre to find it. Then I kind of "ran into" this book and decided to read it, and even though I'm hesitant about calling it a "romance" since the "suspense" part is so dominant, it beats all the other romance books I have read so far (granted, not very many). And I can definitely see myself reading more books with m-m couples, because quite frankly, it takes away that annoying element that WOMEN usually represent in these books. I didn't get annoyed by anything in this book, and that's amazing. I liked tons of things about it. The story is entertaining, albeit a bit over-the-top for me since I prefer more mundane plot lines. It didn't bother me though. I like how no-nonsense the relationship part is, and how the sex seems to fit into the story, instead of the story trying to find some place in-between seemingly copy-pasted sex scenes (Fifty shades books). Actually, going back to reading about heterosexual couples seems very unappealing right now.