The Sculptress - Minette Walters Ages ago I saw the movie or tv-series based on this book, and I loved it. I still remember parts of it, and even though I don't really read crime books, I decided that I wanted to read this particular one. However, I think reading it in Norwegian was a mistake. The dialogue felt really weird and void of character (everyone speaks in exactly the same manner) and the use of pronouns and sentence structure just felt incredibly unnatural. I may have given the book four stars if I had read it in the original and it had felt more natural. The Norwegian text lacks flow, and feels exactly like what it is - a translation. Translations shouldn't make you think about the fact that they are translations, and I caught myself rethinking exclamations and certain phrases in English when they struck me as odd and non-idiomatic.

The story itself is very interesting and it's a very easy read. I really like how it goes from "everything is obvious" to "what the hell actually happened?" and then slowly puts the pieces back in place.