Delicious - Shayla Black I'm not very impressed. I got the impression the author of this book had a certain number of sex scenes she wanted to write, and then constructed a silly story to write around those sex scenes (which were somewhat unpleasant, to be honest). Because the story is silly, really silly, and extremely uninteresting and repetitive (how many stalkers and attacks did she manage to squeeze in again?). And the never failing rough childhood/youth, which seems to be compulsory for this genre. Bleh.

The book wasn't entertaining enough to make up for its literary shortcomings, but it did make me giggle when Alyssa said something "without declension" or whatever it was, because I immediately thought she lost track of her grammar. My biggest issue was probably that both the main characters were very unappealing in my eyes, and the whole wanting a child-thing? That just made me wince every time. Finally, the author kept repeating certain things from both of their backgrounds, as if the reader would have forgotten them after 50 pages. I can almost get that when it is done in a series of books (=True Blood), but when it's in the SAME book?