Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard So many things about this book annoyed me. I was almost so annoyed that the story lost its appeal altogether, but it must have been enjoyable to read since I did actually finish it rather quickly. The list of things I disliked is quite long though, starting with the innocent angel ideal of a woman. I don't know how many times I have wanted to bang my head against whatever hard surface that happened to be close by while reading this book, or how many times I had to look up from the text in embarrassment over the pure crap I was reading. I get that Julia is a Beatrice, but she didn't have to also be 1) completely helpless (she's 23!!), 2) incredibly clumsy and 3) stupid. Oh, I forgot CHILDISH to the EXTREME. Her sudden flushes of "daring" and "outspoken" behaviour just seemed weird and too far out of character to be taken serious against the backdrop of her character, which just made me think of a lost 12-year old.

And the dialogue. Great parts of it, or most things including Julia, Paul and Miss Peterson, seems to have been written by a teenager. Whenever Julia and Gabriel speak, they seem to be holding separate monologues, since no one catches up on anything the other person says, and then comes with some outrageous statement two pages later on. And what on earth was the point of introducing Prof Singer? Her character was the least convincing of all, a close second to Simon, who was sloppily introduced and just too black/white (well, like everyone else in the book!).

I shouldn't complain any more, since I may end up reading book number two as well.