Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Towards the end of book one, I was wondering how on earth this could turn into a trilogy. All through book number two I was wondering the same thing, but naturally, it all becomes clear at the end. And it just made me sigh.

The beginning of 50 Shades of Grey really had something, and that magical something is just thrown away and stamped on all throughout this book. Anastasia is turned into a ridiculous whining hysterical little thing with three thoughts in her head. She freaks out about the same things over and over again and more or less everything in the book gets old. Really old. These are all things that could easily have been avoided by the author. Also, it makes me think of the counselor that is looking for synonyms in 10 things I hate about you... I will have to take a break before reading book number 3 (I hear there's a passage after the book where you get the beginning of the story from Christian's perspective, and I can't miss that), since otherwise I may end up hating the series. Wouldn't want that; the books are, after all, highly entertaining.

The two things I like the least with the book:
* The changing of Christian. The therapist thing. The fact that he has to be fixed. That, combined with the eternal arguments about Mrs. Robinson and how she's a sicko. SERIOUSLY.
* The fact that the book has to deal with each and every day, squeezing 100 things into *each and every day*.