Убийца внутри меня - Jim Thompson, Max Nemtsov This was not bad at all, but very kind of... simple (and the Russian translation is not brilliant). It took me quite some time to get interested in the book, but once I got past 50% or so, it was all easy reading. I prefer the part after things start going downhill, because that's when the main character's freaky personality really becomes obvious.

Two remarks though:
1) I don't get the point with the Greek kid. Is he added just to show that Lou has some sympathy in him? Why is there so much focus on him? His story line kind of made me feel like I was... watching a movie based on a much more extensive book. You know, where they have to cram stuff in and where interpersonal relationships don't have the time to acquire the depth they have in the book. Only this *is* the book.
2) Similar problem with the Joyce story line: it feels like it has been cut down from an entire novel to fit in a couple of pages. She was the interesting one in the book, so that for me, the main story line kind of hijacked another, much more interesting story.