Идиот - Fyodor Dostoyevsky Some years ago, I read this book as a simplified learner's book, and really liked the story. I couldn't understand how they managed to take this huge book and squeeze it into 100 pages of big type. Now I get it. Huge parts of the book just seem superfluous, and I can't even understand (now that I've read the full version) what all of those pages were made up of. In the beginning, I liked the book, and was waiting eagerly for the story to actually kick off. The problem is - it never did. I thought NF would be more present in the book, and waited for the part that would deal with her and where you would get to know the character for real, but that never happened. I feel like 90% of the book simply consists of irrelevant dialogue that leads absolutely nowhere and that features a number of highly annoying characters. I did, however, like the end, and that's why the book gets three stars instead of two.
Also, I found it boring. I should probably not have read it over such a long period of time, cause I kept forgetting who some of the characters were... It should really be an interesting story, and I'm a bit disappointed with how little I got caught up in it.