My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! - Wade Kelly A big part of me can't really understand I actually finished this. I didn't want to. I wanted to stop at like 25%. And at 50%. Definitely at 80%. But I sped through it and finished it in order to be able to write a review. I guess the cover and the title combined should have been enough to ward me off, but since "Frat Boy and Toppy" was rather cute, I thought I'd give this a shot as well. And GRAAARGH. I wish I hadn't. Now, one would think a book containing pure gold such as "The smell of disinfectant filled the air and I felt my groin pulse in response" would be rather awesome, and with better writing and a total remake of all the events in the entire book, it could have been. There are several things I like: college setting, brainy physics major protagonist with a goatee (I just realized I love those), OCDs and funny science t-shirts, and some very well placed humor (not all of it). But that's where "stuff I like about this book" runs out.

WHAT is up with the schizophrenic characters in this book? And all the utterly creepy people; the housing guy? the weird/nasty super Christian Rob? the wannabe-author mother who acts like she's 12 years old and idolizes Dave Eddings (no wonder those writing dreams never amounted to anything)? ALL THE PEOPLE WITH MAGIC PSYCHIC UNDERSTANDING SKILLS?

Where to start/stop? The weird scenes - people getting upset with each other for no reason at all and with very, very little credibility. All the endless talking about feelings that just made me gag. The understanding, the compassion, the "because you are my friend":s. The POV switches that sometimes included one person for just one chapter and thus being 100% pointless.

Let's not forget inner monologue expletives. Can't someone please ban them from all books everywhere? I think E.L. James used up the world's entire stock of inner monologue expletives with Ana, and let's keep it that way. Oh, and when I actually start thinking about how many exclamation marks there are in a text, something is seriously wrong. The reader shouldn't notice your punctuation, it should just be there.

Cole! Could have been such a nice character. But he cries far too much. It's nice that he has a selfish, gloomy streak, but not when he comes across as phony.

However, this author can write sex scenes. Kudos to that.