В воскресенье утром рано зелье копала - Ольга Кобылянская I really like the idea to write a book based on a poem - like the extreme version of an interpretation. It's also quite challenging, at least for this particular poem. Once you've read the poem, you know exactly how it's going to end (you already know who is going to die, and by whose hand), and that makes the surrounding circumstances all the more important. What is fascinating about this story is not the main plot, but the bigger picture that the poem itself says nothing about. The motivations and the repercussions of the events, and how they are part of a cycle of sorts.

Kobyljanska's story is set in a seemingly timeless fairytale version of the border area between Hungary and the Ukraine, where a white child is born to a Gypsy woman. Naturally, scandal ensues and her jealous husband wants her and the child dead. Time passes, one love triangle turns into another, and history repeats itself, only with increasing amounts of tragedy.