Тарас Бульба - Nikolai Gogol,  Евгений Кибрик I can't really make up my mind about this book. I like the heavy intertextuality that connects it to Slovo o polku igoreve and the Zadonshchina. I had no idea it was a book in the epic warrior style, but as soon as the falcons and all the other birds showed up, and the repetitive "for the Christian faith" was inserted somewhere on every page I felt like I was straight back reading the Zadonshchina (which was a feat accomplished with a lot of moaning and complaining). This was easily also the most difficult book I have ever read in Russian, and I had to navigate through it with both a Russian and a Ukrainian dictionary, still not being able to find all unknown words. It is probably also the first book where Old Church Slavonic knowledge and familiarity with Old Russian literature came in handy for me. So that's fun.

What's not so much fun is the nauseating testosterone overdose, the brotherhood love and the stupidity of Taras. I liked the brutality, but the war-mongering for no obvious reason and constant glorifying of Christianity does get tiresome. That's not Gogol's fault though, that's the genre. And the poor Jews.