The News in Small Towns (Small Town Series, Book 1) - Iza Moreau This author can write, the writing doesn't feel amateurish or anything, but unfortunately, I didn't find her story engaging - at all. I liked the premise, the very beginning, but all the various plot lines including the romantic story line (my first f/f book!) were uninteresting. First and foremost, there are too many plot lines, too many angles, and of course, everything has to be explained and cleared up in the end. It felt like the author was ticking off boxes as she went along.

There are animals being sacrificed in some sort of rituals - of course that has to be the goth kids! There's a mystery radio channel with odd messages. There are mistreated horses that need saving. There are a number of ex-boyfriends who turn up. There's illness and death. There's a co-worker and previous classmate with a broad dialect who, surprise surprise, isn't stupid just because she's pretty. <-- All of that? Boring.<br/>
I have to admit that the author's choice of interest for her MC was kind of... new: archery and dressage. >_> I can't decide if I like all the archery detail or not.

My main problem with the book, apart from having to make myself finish it, is how the MC repeatedly jumps to conclusions like they were obvious things. It's always 'oh, A you say? well then obviously --> B', when in fact, A doesn't have to have shit to do with B in reality.

And there's so goddamned many "good folks" running around, showing the misunderstood goth girl that she can be beautiful if she just takes off that awful makeup (gah), helping poor animals, poor siblings, poor whatever, plus that usual amount of "quirky" characters thrown in. And some sort of love drama that was wholly unconvincing. What I DID like were the 5 or so last percent, and the somewhat unconventional ending to one of the three hundred plotlines