Mina drömmars stad - Per Anders Fogelström I'm quite surprised that I haven't already read this book. It feels like I should have read it 10 years ago at least, but I'm quite happy I read it now. I don't know how historically accurate the book is, but it feels incredibly real. It feels like it was actually written by someone who lived in Stockholm in 1860. And Stockholm in 1860 more or less feels like it could have been Stockholm in 1560. All Scandinavians need to read this book to realize that, not that awfully long ago, we lived in a piss poor part of the world where people worked themselves to death, and where your life was more or less over at 30.

Now that I've read the entire book, I'm just left feeling a bit sad. While I was reading it, however, I was quite frustrated with human nature, which really shows a pretty face in poverty stricken societies. You really understand how prohibition could be a great idea, seen how weak most men (and some women) are.