Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning This is almost 4 stars, but the juvenile style with the abbreviations etc. still bother me too much to fully make it there.

But hey, lots of positive things in book 4!

- Dani; I thought I'd be annoyed at her 1st person narrative in the beginning, but it actually worked and she turned into a definite favourite
- Barrons; still too little of him, but he's coming across as more and more morally dubious, which I love
- Mac; finally the pink phase is over!

Some delightful quotes that I've been waiting for:

"Do us all a favor and die so we can start working on another plan and quit thinking maybe you'll grow the fuck up and be capable of something." - Barrons. This sums up book 1-3 for me.

"If I can't survive, I should be shot. I should be put out of everyone's misery." - Mac. Finally, she has some insight!

I was quite shocked at how book 3 ended. With the YA-vibes this series gives off I wasn't really expecting the rape/orgy thing. Nor was I expecting the beginning of this book. But it works! It's amazing how the pri-ya de-conditioning thing works without ruining the tension.

Kudos to Moning for not making stuff easy for her characters. There really are no easy solutions in this series, and stuff go to hell quite often.