Tinker - Wen Spencer There are SO many good quotes in this one, I just wanted to constantly grab someone and point stuff out.

I was ever so slightly hesitant about this book at first, but the story just kept getting better and better and I ended up loving it. Tinker has a lot of stuff going for it. Very cool world-building, neat dimension concept and clever insertion of non-human elements. Unusual female lead who's an engineering genius and very down to earth. Some things mess it up though, because we can't leave it at "perfect", can we? There has to be a love triangle. Obviously. No, wait, WHY?! WHYYYYYYY?! What on earth was the point of that Nathan thing?

1) It felt rushed.
2) It felt out of place.
3) It felt WRONG.

We are made to like Nathan at first (when we encounter him like for 2 pages... twice), then all of a sudden he is a threat to the Great Love Plot so he must be made disagreeable, and he starts acting like a jerk. Just like that. Very sloppily made. If a love triangle is a must (why, oh why?), then at least make it subtle. Don't make it obvious from the first line.

Actually, this book would have been better without the love plot. Tinker can carry a book all on her own, she does not need a sexy partner to make it interesting. For a long time I was somewhat annoyed by the mere presence of a love plot, but then Tinker actually herself voices all the complains *I* had. Like, Windwolf's case of instalove that had me peeved for very long. Guess what, the main character doesn't get it either. It would have been terrific, 5-star worthy, if the story had been more like Windwolf realizing that hey, this is a very handy piece of human, I'll trick it into marriage so that I can control it for all eternity. Tinker would still go along, not understanding weird elf customs, because, as she says in the dream, she just wanted to fool around. Then, after 20 years (they're immortal, so who cares about time anyway?), Windwolf could realize that Tinker is a cool lady and develop some feelings for her. That would have made sense.

If I have to complain a bit about Tinker, and I have to, then it would have to be related to her being embarrassed by random girly stuff in the first half of the book. She obviously cares very little about being pretty or whatever, considering she is a genius and has better things to think about, and I love how she just stuffs her key down her bra right in front of her date when she discovers that evening dresses don't have pockets, but why does she have to go and ruin it by being embarrassed? She was just awesomely cool, and then... And she does this a lot. She's being generally awesome, and then she goes all girly and I just can't let stuff like that go. But hey, she does brandish a crowbar to beat up a guy she's upset with, so that evens out things a bit, and she has a touch of that "GAH, why are people so slow?" instead of being patient with people who don't get stuff. <3 <3 <br/>
I'm going to be very grateful that we are at least spared the blushing virgin syndrome. Of course, it had to be a virgin (and for once, there is a kind of funny reason as to why), but at least it was a wtf-who-cares-virgin.