A Strong and Sudden Thaw - R. W. Day This was very sweet. More often than not, that's a bad thing for me.

I thought I would really like it in the beginning. It's very well written, with an interesting world building and language style, especially how David tries to auto-correct himself when speaking to Callan, but otherwise keeps consistent in his "simpler" language. The plot with the dragons is interesting, but in the end it doesn't really feel finished.

And the cuteness gets to me. And the the honesty, being a man of one's word, etc. I don't like books with men who giggle. As a result, I couldn't really get attached to the characters, and I took a long break in the middle of the book, which is never a good sign. The overly zealous religion-thing could have bothered me more if there weren't a fair amount of characters around to just sneer at it, so I won't complain too much about that. What I will complain about, though, is how all the characters are black/white. Either super goody and honest folks, or evil villains. Or led astray by religion, but good nonetheless in their hearts.

For people who like sweet love stories this may be a great book. Me, I was kind of secretly going "yay?" when the big, bad hunter (who sounded like he was a native American) showed up, hoping there'd be some more badass action coming along.