Games & Players - Manna Francis 4.5 stars.
I was pleasantly surprised by this book since I was starting to worry that all the Administration books would all follow the same patterns and contain a crime story. This book is rather more like a collection of short stories concerning Toreth and Warrick, and that makes me happy. Crime stories are not my favourites, and in this series, I just want to read as much as possible about the literary love of my life, Val Toreth. He continues to be absolutely brilliant. His actions are consistent (there are so many characters out there who can't maintain one personality throughout a book that this merits a mention), and I'm so happy the author has yet to fold and make him weak. He isn't perfect, he isn't that outrageously intelligent and he can be played by equally talented and callous people, but that only makes him better. And he truly can just snap. He isn't a controlled superman. I love both Sara and Warrick as well, and how they carefully tread around Toreth, trying to get him to act in a moderately human manner without pushing him into a murderous rage. Sara gets a little bit more space in this book, which is good. The increased amount of POV is all positive, and I don't mind reading about any of the characters, because they are all interesting and well-done.

Toreth is just the right amount of creepy in this book, and I hope he stays that way. Can't wait to start the next book! And I do wonder if everyone finds these books as hilariously funny as I do. I'm constantly laughing, which feels somewhat inappropriate at times.