Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis Oddly enough, considering the theme, this is one of the funniest books I've read in a very long time. I couldn't really read it in public since I found it impossible to contain my evil laughter at more or less... anything said by Toreth or Sara. I like the contrast of totalitarian society and hilarious dialogue. Who says people always have to be so dull in dystopian books?

One thing that I found somewhat weird with this book was the structure. First and foremost I was shocked by how expensive the ebook was (i.e. the same price as a paperback), but I calmed down somewhat when I realized Quid Pro Quo is actually more like 2 books than 1. First there's a detective story, then a personal story. And that's weird. Why aren't the two stories more intertwined? As I was reading about the abduction-case I couldn't help just wanting to get past it and get back to the absolute weirdness of Toreth and Warrick.

There are many books with "unlikely" couples. This one, however, presents a fantastic challenge for any author, and I MUST continue reading the series to see how the characters develop. Usually, couples in books are unlikely because they hate each other or something like that. Here, the relationship in question is unlikely because one of the two is a SOCIOPATH.

One would perhaps think that the author would have caved in (as so many other authors do) and made Toreth sweet and cuddly by now. But no, he still constantly thinks of his own good first and foremost (as do most people) while being glaringly honest to himself about it. That's the most awesome part of Toreth. He is so rational, he understands himself so very well, and he makes no pretense. He doesn't pretend he's a nice person, he just plays his role when needed and everyone knows that he is just going through the motions.

There is only one thing I miss here. Toreth is an investigator and interrogator, but where are the interrogations? If we are to continue to consider him a major creep, why isn't he doing any torturing, like, ever? It is alluded to, but that's it. More torture, please. I want to continue not knowing what to think of him.