Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1) - Santino Hassell,  Ais First 5 star book of the year! I picked it up on a day when I was pleasantly hungover and couldn't settle on any one book to read. This was the fourth book I tried, and after a couple of pages I couldn't focus on anything else and was pissed for several days that REAL LIFE and UNIVERSITY existed to obstruct my reading. It was awesome. I'm struggling to find enough superlatives to properly portray the way I feel about this book, and I really just want to revert to Swedish in order to use my favourite expletives and throw some blasphemy in there as well.

Sure, the writing style is a bit naive, some parts are a little weird, logic and consistency may be lacking every now and then and the authors obviously have some trouble differing between subject and object use of the 3rd person sg masculine pronoun, but that's OK, I can forgive that when the I find it in a marvelous story. 1400 pages that contain everything: excitement, action, misery, happiness, humour, plain old non-overstated hotness rarely found in these books... and not a boring page! How is that possible? That is really a less believable feat than the stunts that Sin-the-Übermensch pulls on his enemies.

I rarely run into main characters that I like as much as I like these. Often things start out good, but at least in the romance genre (even though I would like to stress that this is NOT first and foremost a book consisting of mushy love scenes appearing one after another, this first book at least makes Special Forces look cute and cuddly) they turn soft after a while. MM romance is somewhat better since they get less annoying than the books containing women, but still, it's often there. But here, Sin remains a brutal agent throughout. What he displays of a conscience etc. he's really had all along, he does not turn into a wimp at any point, and there's not so much goddamned heartfelt talking. I loved Sin from page one, even though I figure he may be a character soft folks have trouble taking to. When Boyd was introduced, I wasn't exactly thrilled. He's the opposite of an "sexy, intriguing hero"; kind of short, nerdy, thin, long blond hair, brown eyes, terribly depressed and trying his best to have no personality whatsoever. And then he goes and just charms you totally with his rationality and coldness! NAWW!

In books where people do less dangerous things than they do in this one, when people make mistakes, it's that they inadvertently hurt someone's feelings. Perhaps. They sleep around or whatever, and oh no, there's no trust, etc. etc.. I've always hated that. So lame. In this book, when people make mistakes, they kill 20 people because they were in a bad mood and felt vindictive about a comment someone made. And they have to live with it, and it's not just "ah well, shit happens", but they actually have to live with it and feel bad about it. No one has a clean conscience and is a "good person" here. That's another aspect I truly love about this book. That, and that what I expect to happen does not actually happen, the reader does not always get what he/she wants.

I am so happy, not to mention worried and in ABSOLUTE, TOTAL despair, about this being a series. And how come both this, and Special Forces, are free? Considering some of the shit books you have to pay for that just makes no sense.