Legend of a Suicide - David Vann I love the title "Legend of a suicide", and it suits this book perfectly. I didn't really get it at first, why it was a "legend", but then came the different parts of the book, making me more and more confused, and I realized it really was a legend of sorts. I think I missed some things in the beginning because I insisted on reading in the mornings when I just end up falling asleep, but from 15% onwards I was quite stuck and had to see where this was going. All of a sudden, time and perspective change in the book (since this is apparently a collection of separate stories). I remember being extremely confused all of a sudden because I had the impression I had been reading a 1st person narrative, and then the same person was referred to in the 3rd person.... The father is referred to differently, being "my father", "Tim", "the father", in various fictional reminiscences, when he is not the main character in a 3rd person narrative. Even realities change, and everyone keeps behaving in a rather weird manner, making this a quite confusing read. Who really dies, and who is who?

The father, Tim, a man with obvious mental issues, is extremely well portrayed. Tim more or less has to make himself think about anything besides himself (not that it's an issue for him) and other people are only there insofar as they are part of his existence. Everything always revolves around him and the same rules that apply to him do not apply to others, making him completely unreasonable. He is an extremely frustrating, unfair person, who naturally can't see any of this and ends up victimizing himself. One would think that a book where one out of two main characters is a complete ass would be annoying, but as if by magic, it isn't.

So... this is a weird book, but a good one. Probably not for everyone.