The Dawn of Slavic: An Introduction to Slavic Philology - Alexander M. Schenker I'm not sure I really think this is an introduction to Slavic philology; I'd rather say it's an excellent book of reference for when you want to check something OCS related. Reading it all in one go wasn't very exciting, partly because I am familiar with lots of the material already, and partly because there is just so much detail about for example vocabulary, scribes or monasteries. Brilliant for when you are working with something related to that and want to check it, but for just reading? Forgotten the second I start a with new sentence. I skimmed parts of the book, and a large section in the back is dedicated to OCS text samples with translations, which is excellent. There are very nice IE ending charts, and a thorough section on the missionary work of Constantine and Methodius. It's really the kind of book you should have on your bookshelf if you are interested in Slavic philology. You don't have to be a linguist to enjoy the book either, since Schenker is actually - wait for it - pedagogic! I know. Shocking.