D'autres vies que la mienne - Emmanuel Carrère I can't really make up my mind about this one. It is very well written, the language is beautiful and the title is awesome, but while reading the book I didn't really care about the theme. It's a weird theme, writing about the grief of people around you, beginning with one event and then, quite accidentally, slipping into another one, which ends up with lots of court/justice matters... it's a weird book, actually, but once I finished it, I really liked it. Not in the way that I would read it again, but it really had something. That I was actually able to read about all the cases on credit companies, Etienne and Juliette and their struggle, things that really, really, really aren't of any interest to me, and not get bored out of my mind, does say something about the author. Grief is an interesting theme, and true accounts of how people handle it are fascinating. I found those parts of the book very interesting, and also how other people's grief affects your own life, as portrayed by the author and the change he goes through. If it was possible, I'd give the book 3,5 stars, but as it is, it will get 4.